Pont du Gard

  • picture of Pont du Gard
  • picture of Pont du Gard
  • picture of Pont du Gard
StedGard, Occitanie, France
CrossesGardon River
StatusNot in use
DesignArch bridge
Length360 m
Height49 m
Longest span24 m
Width6 m
Number of spans52
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Pont du Gard is an old Roman aqueduct that crosses the Gardon River near Remoulins, southern France.
It was built by the Romans around the year 18 BC The aqueduct belonging to a water drain which was about 50 km long. The fall of this channel is 36 cm per km. The water came from a spring near Uzes and were transported to the Roman colony Nemausus, Nimes today. It was shipped 20,000 cubic meters of water per day in the upper floor. After the collapse of the Roman Empire was not the aqueduct used more for transport of water.
Pont du Gard has three floors and is built with many arch arches. The bottom row has 6 arcs, the other row 11 arches and the top has 35 arches. The aqueduct is 49 meters high and 360 meters long.
The aqueduct is under constant restoration work. Pont du Gard has become a major tourist attraction and is one of top 5 attractions in France. There is a museum built next to the aqueduct.
Pont du Gard was added to UNESCOs World Heritage list in 1985.